Company Profile

We would like to introduce our company outline.

  • Company Outline
    Corporate Name
    Toray Diplomode,Inc.
    August 23,2007
    Atsushi NOMURA
    Head Office
    Osaka Branch Office
    Business Contents
    1) Production and import sales of high quality women’s apparel and accessories.
    2) License business in cooperation with overseas firms, etc.
    Sole Stockholder
    Toray International, Inc.(100%)
    Bank Affiliations
    Sumitomo Mitsui Bank, Tokyo Chuo Branch
  • History
    Aug. 2007: Established ” Toray Diplomode, Inc.” Capital 490 million yen.
  • Brand
    Vince. is premier casual brand for contemporary fashion women.
    Known for designing luxe staples that reflect a modern, sophisticated lifestyle, Vince appeals to upscale consumers who insist on the finest fabrics, quality construction and attention to detail without compromising wearability.
    To evolve the current collection of luxury staples into true “lifestyle”collection brand with offering across product categories and multiple trade channels.
    Designer’s fashion from New York can be worn without being snobbish,with reasonable prices.

    Outfits of “vanessabruno” accentuate your personality in any situation.
    Concepts are; simple & stylish, sophisticated & chic in a modern Parisian urban style – a feminine style that respects the naturally beautiful figure.

    The brand is for ladies who treasure their individuality.

    An icon of this brand is the tote bag with spangles which has been a great hit since 1998.

    SEVENTY, established in 1970, is an Italian contemporary collection with fashion trend and a touch of classic style. Using high quality materials.
    SEVENTY offers total styling in every occasion.
    The fundamental concept of SEVENTY is K.I.S.S. – “ Keep it Simple and Specific”
    19.70 is the sports line of SEVENTY, targeting women who know their own fashion styles.
    19.70 is the contemporary Italian sports collection, casual yet stylish and adaptable toany occasion.
    Blue Les Copains

    A diffusion line of Les Copains, a prestigious Italian brand. The knitwear, famous for its Italian origin, is the brand’s icon and represents a sense of lifestyle, beauty and freedom.

    Targeting ladies who look for comfortable high quality outfits of modern design, Blue Les Copains makes ladies look beautiful whatever the occasion.

    The designer, Peter Som, joined from the 2015 Spring/Summer season. Blue Les Copains is an elegant and luxury collection.

    H・L is the casual total wear brand born in Cote d’ Azur, France targeting sophisticated travellers of the world. Using original fabrics, a varietion of colors, and playful designs, H・L is a functional, joyful collection.
    RINa PRivé
    “RINa PRivé” is produced by Rina Takahashi who always played as a front line model in the fashion scene.
    Rina Takahashi presents what you want in the season.
    It’s “dramatic clothes” that plus on the happy mood just for wearing.
    She coordinates “The Now Fashion” that designed based on “basic & modern” with good materials. It’s good for everyday to dressed up use.
    She introduces something easy to wear, the material is graceful, sticking to be a fashionable. That would be your favorite piece for the season.